Was the destination worth the journey? That’s the question to consider before you even begin.

The arrival, the outcome, the result … this is what we focus on first. Today’s plan is tomorrow’s case study.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients reach their destinations, just as they expected.

CASE 1: Revitalizing a Brand
Lucas Group is North America’s leading executive recruiting firm specializing in small-to-medium-sized clients across a myriad of industries. In business for more than 40 years, they had sustained success for their entire journey.

But Lucas Group realized that they need to make some adjustments to create a more compelling and dynamic brand — one that accurately captured its outstanding record of achievement.

For almost a decade, Cavelle has helped Lucas Group capture its essence, broaden its reach, and achieve its financial objectives. At the outset, we provided the talent they needed to supplement a tiny in-house staff to jump-start their “re-marketing” efforts.  Today, they’ve more than doubled their in-house resources, and we continue to augment their work through thought leadership to differentiate them in the marketplace and dramatically increase their local presence in 15 metropolitan markets.

Over the course of our engagement with Lucas Group, CCG:

  • Completely revamped the Lucas Group website, resulting in an 81% increase in website visits since 2012
  • Developed integrated social media content—text, video, and infographics—that is shared across multiple platforms and that contributed to A 66% increase in client leads and a 124% increase in candidate leads since 2012
  • Created the Lucas Group Thought Leadership series “Career Resources,” developing content for blogs, White Papers, and videos on issues important to the industries in which they recruit. Our content development efforts contributed to:
    • 61% increase in Twitter followers, making them the most followed executive recruiter on Twitter
    • 1,820% increase in Facebook visits; again, best in the industry
    • 343% increase in LinkedIn followers
    • Almost 25,000 YouTube viewers
  • Conducted Market Research and economic commentary, especially as it relates to Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with more than 2,200 people clicking on their SMB economic survey
  • Deepened website content to capture local market share and be responsive to specific geographic requirements for clients and candidates
  • Conducted demographic and competitive research to help guide senior leadership on where to open new Lucas Group locations
  • Created a crisis communications plan for Marketing Department and senior leadership

CASE 2: A New Era of Better Students & Increased Private Support
Columbus State University (CSU) in Columbus, GA is a relative newcomer to American higher education. Opened in 1956, CSU has established itself as a valuable regional resource in the Columbus area.

As the University’s reputation continued to rise, so did its expectations. While ensuring that it continued to address regional needs, CSU wanted to improve quality and quantity of its students, expand its graduate offerings, increase research investment, and continue to attract outstanding faculty.

Columbus State hired Cavelle to help them accomplish three important objectives:

  1. Create a more compelling brand with high-achieving undergraduate and graduate students and faculty, in particular
  2. Successfully recruit in the Atlanta region and internationally for the first time
  3. Establish the case for private support in a changing higher educational environment

We helped CSU achieve these strategic objectives by conducting qualitative market research, revamping their brand in an integrated fashion across all media, developing an effective recruiting strategy and tactical campaign for both students in the Atlanta metro area, and international students, and creating a Case Statement for the launch of their Comprehensive Campaign

Our contributions allowed Columbus State University to arrive at their destination by:

  • Achieving record name recognition results in a survey of Atlanta metro high school students
  • Breaking enrollment records three consecutive years with a much broader geographic reach.  CSU passed the 8,000-student mark for the first time.
  • Enrolling students with higher GPA’s and SAT scores than at any time in its history, resulting in higher admission standards
  • Surpassing its previous Campaign goal and raised more than $2 million for scholarships, outreach, and faculty development in a very challenging economic climate.  CSU was a leader among its 11 University System of Georgia peer institutions in private support as a percentage of institutional expenditures.
  • Achieving a 48 percent increase in study abroad participation.

CASE 3: Translating Technology to Peers & People

Siemens IT Solutions and Services was a subsidiary of the famed Siemens Corporation. It was part of a powerful international brand emphasizing engineering and problem solving.

But in the world of Information Technology, Siemens’ reputation lagged behind its peers.

CCG was brought in to help Siemens better translate its impressive technological expertise into a more impactful presence in the B-to-B world. Our assignment was to:

  • Enhance internal communications by keeping all parts of the company aware of their challenges and accomplishments
  • Establish a handful of their technological experts as thought leaders in key areas of industry excellence
  • Underscore the company’s ability to work with clients of all sizes, using Siemens broad footprint of excellence across multiple industries

We helped them accelerate their journey. Here’s how:

  • We landed a front-page placement in The Wall Street Journal for a Siemens outsourcing expert
  • We developed a series of white papers, short videos, and media placements for industry-focused topics
  • We highlighted their work in the smart energy space through the production of this this video:

Siemens IT Solutions & Services was ultimately sold to the French IT firm Atos for roughly $985M.  

One key part of our answer … this video:


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